AVA Classic Double 140cm (birch plywood)

1. Material
2. Mattress size (cm)
3. Headboard height 90 cm
4. Boxes under the bed (left)
5. Boxes under the bed (right)
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AVA Classic Double bed - adapts to the different twists and turns of life

This double bed represents a modern, Scandinavian style. You can order it with or without a high headboard. The best thing about the AVA Classic Double bed is its ability to transform: you can attach a small child to the edge of the AVA Baby's front crib so the baby can stay close to their parents for the night.

AVA Bed box with more space under the bed!

Under the double bed you get a full bed storage box, which also serves as an extra bed for children who are still learning how to sleep in their own bed. The drawer is equipped with wheels, so the extra bed is easy to take out. AVA Bed height 27 cm. The height of the bottom plate is 21 cm from the top of the box.

As an alternative to the AVA Bed Box, there are AVA Module Boxes, which allow you to customize the size of the storage boxes you want under the bed.

Material: Made of solid 21 mm birch plywood and base plate 12 mm birch plywood with breathing hole. You can also get a slatted base. The base plate measures 11 cm from the top of the bed. 

Treatment: Osmo color's wood wax, choose Clear (3101), slightly tinted with white Spruce (3111) or black Soot (3169). Sample pieces of processing options can be found HERE.

Dimension on the outside: 

  • Width: 145,0 cm
  • Length: 205,0 cm
  • Height: 45,0 cm