AVA Bed Covers

“We bought our first bunk bed when our eldest children were 2 and 4 years old. We cheated on that bunk bed, and every time we thought about how difficult it was to fold a bedspread, especially for the top bed. What about opening the blanket in the evenings when the sheets come off with the blanket - really tedious! In the end, we made beds for guests only.

One beautiful day while driving a car, I got the idea of a zippered bedspread. My sewing sister made us a prototype for a doll bed before we dared to make the right first product. When I got that proto in my hands, I was lucky! As I carried the model home late at night, I protected it from looking like the world's most precious treasure.

I put the blanket in place at night when our 4-year-old firstborn slept and woke up in the morning to come to me. Together we went to his bedroom with my intention to guide you into deception. I was muted at the door - there was a made up bed in the room waiting! He had understood the mechanism, though he had never heard of the idea. The AVA Bedspread had come home. ”

- Tommi

Family father, designer and entrepreneur


Well made beds since 2006

With the zippered AVA Day Blanket, you can make your everyday life easier because cheating is instant and the end result is always neat. Your bedding will stay in place and clean and your bedspread will not lie on the floor. With a durable, machine washable and laid-back fabric, you can stay on top of the bed and let your child play without worry.

AVA Bedspreads are handmade in Finland and always made individually with high quality and tested materials. You can choose the blanket design, size, fabric and zipper color according to your own preferences and needs. Whether it is a child's bed or an adult bed.

To start planning, choose the right bedspread model for your bed:

  • AVA Original bedspread
    If you have a foam, futon or spring mattress, choose AVA Original. The AVA Original Bedspread is sewn into the shape and dimensions of the mattress, which you attach to the mattress using the labels at the corners below. This will keep the blanket in place.

    > Check out the AVA Original Day Cover Brochure (pdf)

Delivery time

AVA textile products are always made individually and delivery time is about 2-8 weeks depending on, for example. selected materials. See delivery time in the order menu.

The AVA Bedspread has utility model protection granted by the National Board of Patents and Registration.