Duvet Unilux Amicor (115x150cm)

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Duvet Unilux Amicor

Unilux Amicor duvet are made in Finland using high-quality materials and have been awarded the Key Flag Symbol. Products in the Amicor range are filled with Blowfill® spiral fibre and Amicor* Sanitized® fibre.

The duvet has a dense cotton fabric, airy ball fibre filling and Amicor* Sanitized fibre, which prevents the growth of dust mites, and keeps the bed fresh.


Amicor* Sanitized® fibre effectively prevents the growth of bacteria, dust mites and mould, keeping the bed fresh. The antibacterial fibre retains its properties from wash to wash, providing long-term protection. The special structure of the Blowfill® spiral fibre keeps the product light and springy. The fabric used in the products is luxurious and high-quality 100 % cotton. We recommend washing the products at 60 degrees.

You can find more information about the company and the product on the Univision's website: http://www.univisio.fi/en/product/amicor/