AVA Extendable Bed (white/black)

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1. Color
2. Mattress
3. Upholstery
4. AVA Bed box
5. Module 50x80 4pcs
9. Module 100x80 2pcs
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AVA Extendable Bed - easy to extend, easy to close

The elegant AVA Extendable bed converts into a daytime sofa and a large double bed at night. It's great as a spare bed in the guest room or perfect for small spaces.

The optional large under drawer/bed box is an easy way to create more storing space. The high-quality drawer comes with four wheels and it is suitable for multiple kinds of uses: if it’s not storing space you need, you might like an extra bed. You will find a fitting mattress and bed cover in our product selection. As an alternative to the bigger drawer is two or four smaller drawers/ M-modules with a width of 50cm or 100cm. 

the frame is made of solid 22 mm MDF board and the platform is birch plywood with breathing hole. 

white and black

Measurements on the outside:
  • width: 89,5 cm
  • width spread: 165,5 cm
  • length: 208,6 cm
  • height: 45 cm

Mattress size (spread): 80x200cm (157x200cm)
NB! 2 pcs of 80x200 cm mattresses fit well because the soft mattress gives up. 

Mattresses: Our foam mattress are excelent quality (10 cm thick, E25). The fabric of the mattress cover is of high-quality 260g/m2, cotton 40%, polyester 30% , polyamide 30%). The cover is machine washable in 40°. 

You can choose a seating mattress and a folding mattress (= backrest mattress) or two seating mattresses which are spread out as a double bed mattresses when the bed is spread out. The seating mattress size is 80x200x10 cm and the size of open folding mattress is 80x200x10 cm.

Mattress upholstery: if you wish, you can order separately the upholstery for the seating and folding mattresses. In case you want only upholstery for the seating mattress, you can order AVA Original bed cover from the Bed covers section. 

You can find upholstery pattern and color options HERE. State the pattern/color and the color of the zipper in the field "message to the merchant". 

AVA Modules sizes: (measurements on the outside)

  •  2 kpl x 100x80x30cm
  •  4 kpl x 50x80x30cm