Johanna Gullichsen EOS BLUE

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Johanna Gullichsen offers an extensive range of woven textiles for modern living. Bold and simple patterns, natural materials, a down to earth sensibility - our style is all about comfort, colour and ease-of-use. Our designs can be combined either with modern or traditional interiors.

Since 1989, we have been committed to honest design and a modern interpretation of Scandinavian textile traditions.

Tips for ordering a bed cover

How much does a bed cover cost?
When you specify the dimensions of the bedspread using the pull-down menu, the system automatically calculates the price.

How to measure mattress height?
Measure the height of the mattress by calculating the total dimension of the mattress and the mattress pad. You do not need to calculate space for the pillow and blanket separately.

What if I can't find the right mattress size?
If you did not find the appropriate mattress size in the menu, select the closest size and enter the correct size in the "message to merchant" field. You will find this field at the very end of the transaction.

What does a removable cover mean?
If you wish, you can completely remove the cover of the bedspread from the body so that the zippers meet at the foot of the blanket. You can also choose a non-removable cover, whereby the zippers end at the corners of the bed and the blanket is rolled to the foot. We recommend the use of a non-removable cover for children's beds to keep the bed cover in bed and not in the children's play.

When do I get a bed cover?
AVA textiles are always made individually, so delivery time is about 2-8 weeks depending on, for example selected materials.