AVA Kids Bunk bed (birch plywood)

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4. Security rail for lower b
5. Mattress
6. Mattress pad
7. Mattress cover
8. Storage box
9. AVA Module boxes
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AVA Kids Bunk bed - play-age dream bed up to 10-11 years of age

AVA Kids Bunk bed has been designed to ease the lives of families with children. AVA Bunk beds are practical, timelessly beautiful, and appealing to children. The bed can easily be placed anywhere in the room, because the ladder can be moved left or right. The bunk bed can be split to use as two single beds and it is also possible to purchase a spacious underbed drawer to serve as a third bed or storage.

Please note: the storage box/drawer bed is not included in the price of the bed and needs to be ordered separately.

AVA Kids Security rail: recommended for smaller sleeper. In the AVA Kids Bunk bed the security rail is positioned so that opening in the lower bed is the same size as in the upper bed. 

AVA Kids Underbed storage: The under drawer is an easy way to create more storing space. The high-quality drawer comes with four wheels and it is suitable for multiple kinds of uses: if it’s not storing space you need, you might like an extra bed. You will find a fitting mattress and bed cover in our product selection.

AVA Modules: As an alternative to the drawer bed is two or four Modules with a width of 40 cm or 80cm.

2 pcs = width 80 x depth 65 x height 30cm
4 pcs = width 40 x depth 65 x height 30cm

Measurements on the outside:  

Width: 70,3 cm
Length: 165,0 cm 
Height: 135,0 cm

Mattress size: 65 x 160 cm

the frame is made of solid birch plywood and the platform is birch plywood with breathing hole. 

Osmo Color wood wax, available in clear (3101), slightly white tinted spruce (3111) or black soot (3169). Sample pieces of waxing options can be found HERE.

We recommend to the bunk bed also our AVA bed cover. Check out the bed cover's brochure HERE.