AVA Litte Loft 6 and desk (birch plywood)

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AVA Little Loft 6 and desk - a bed that eats everything inside! 

AVA Little Loft and desk is an excellent choice if you are tight on space: it makes the most of every usable centimeter! This solid bed will stand strong through the wildest games and the low 103,5 cm height makes it very secure. This flexibility makes the bed ideal for your child from preschooler to school age and beyond. The whole can easily be transformed into a mirror image. The desk adjustment range in AVA Little Loft is between 118-200 cm.

Materials: the frame is made of solid birch plywood and the platform is 14 mm birch plywood with breathing holes. The drawers are stong birch plywood.

Treatment: Osmo color's wood wax, choose Clear (3101) or slightly tinted with white Spruce (3111).

Little Loft measurements on the outside:

Width: 84,4 cm
Length: 204,4 cm
Height: 103,5 cm

Mattress size 80 x 200 cm

Drawer (6) measurements on the outside:

Syvyys: 83,0 cm
Leveys: 150,0 cm
Korkeus 73,0 cm

Desk measurements on the outside: 

Lenght: 200 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Height: 70 cm