AVA Module Changing table

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AVA Module Changing table

AVA Changing table consist of three S Modules. By buying AVA Module Changing table you get the first parts of the AVA Module 3 bed (size 80x150cm). In addition, you need to buy only the bottom boards and headboards. You can also buy one S Module more and then you have the full size AVA Module 4 bed (80x200cm) which serves your needs through the different stages of your life.  

More information about the AVA Module 3 and Module 4 beds you can find from AVA Furniture section. 

Headboards and front panels material options are MDF, laminate, birch plywood, birch, pinewood, ash and oak. The Modules inner material are always breathable and durable birch plywood. 

Measurements on the outside: 
Width: 50cm
Lenght: 78cm
Height: 100cm

The external dimensions of an individual S module are: 

Dept: 78cm
Height: 30cm
Width: 50cm