AVA Module Furnitures

AVA Module Furniture - Fall In Love With Unlimited Possibilities!

What if it was possible to customize furniture according to your life cycle, for example, when you move, when your baby is born or when you grow, or when your interior needs change? That's what AVA Module furniture is all about - practicality and timeless beauty. They are inspired by Finnish nature and are suitable for both home and summer cottages.

The idea behind AVA Module Furniture is based on Module Boxes (XS-XXL) of various sizes, which allow you to build whatever you want. AVA Module Furniture cabinets and drawers are made of strong birch plywood, and you can choose from a variety of wood shades to laminate and MDF. They are handmade at our workshop in Klaukkala.

The same boxes can first form your child's changing table, then the first bed, later a larger bed, etc. As life changes, the same boxes will change to suit your needs and each box will provide a huge amount of storage space, regardless of purpose. Just choose size, color and materials. In addition to its simple and stylish appearance, AVA Module Furniture is a high quality and ingenious space solution. Look at the pictures and get inspired!