AVA Module 4

1. Material
2. Mattress
2.Mattress size
4. Safety rail for Module bed
9.Nigthstand plate
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AVA Module 4 (80x200cm & 90x200cm)

The AVA Module 4 is a stylish single bed with storage space for four Module M's. With the AVA Module 4 bed, you can later add more storage space to two floors by purchasing four M-size Modules separately. You can also convert it into a double bed later by purchasing four or even twelve M size Modules separately.


Bed headboards and drawer front panels are made of the material of your choice and the treatment you want. Our standard range includes MDF, laminated plywood and birch plywood. The inner material of the boxes is breathable and durable birch plywood. The bottom of the bed is slatted.


  • Width 82cm or 92cm
  • Length 204cm
  • Height 30cm

With mattress size 80x200cm modules under the bed:

  • 4pcs M-Module 50x82x30cm (WDH)

With mattress size 90x200cm modules under the bed:

  • 4pcs M-Module 50x92x30cm (WDH)

Please note that this bed is intended to be placed adjacent to the wall. There is no backing plate for the bed to integrate nicely against the wall. If you would like to place the bed in the middle of the room, please send us a request for quotation to info@avaroom.fi.