Date: 09/25/2019

Did you know that Lammin Betoni offers a partner network to build a stone house, even when ready to move in? With more than 30 condominiums in Lammi, you can choose the one you like or tailor it to your needs. In addition, Lammi house package customers receive services, benefits and assistance in construction-related matters through partner companies through the newly established Lammi community.

Decoration is naturally linked to the stone house world and construction - already in the draft phase of architectural drawings - that's why the partnership between AVA Room and Lammi was born out of itself. The practicality, beauty and finishing of the Finnish AVA Room solutions were able to meet Lammi's quality standards.

Lammi and AVA Room are also united by family entrepreneurship and product innovation. Lammi has been a pioneer in the industry for decades and is still a viable and solid market leader. AVA Room, for its part, has found its place as a domestic player in the highly competitive furniture industry - even though our story began more than ten years ago with AVA Zipper Blankets. This cooperation is an honor for us!