About us

We strive to create happy households where the everyday is defined by its ease and beauty. 

The story of AVA Room began in our home in Espoo in 2006 when we were trying to figure out how to transform the complicated ordeal of making bunk beds into an effortless task. So effortless that even a child could do it. This seemingly mundane dilemma led to the invention of the AVA Bed Cover with zippers. When we saw our four-year-old make his bed himself we realized we had stumbled upon something revolutionary. The bed cover was soon followed by two items of furniture specifically designed for small spaces: our small framed bunk bed and crib. This marked the beginning of our family business and our story which continues to unfold.

We believe our six children make the best test users in the world. As they grow their needs are constantly changing. Designing our products we think about the everyday dilemmas and how to solve them. We want to create timeless, aesthetically pleasing products that grow together with you, adjusting to the changes in your life. 

All of the AVA Room products are designed and manufactured in Finland with respect for the environment. Our products are meant to make our homes and our surroundings more beautiful. We value the Finnish expertise in this area and hope to see it develop even further, which is why we have chosen to work together with a Finnish furniture factory in Jurva. It is a great asset to be able to work with a partner that shares your values – happy employees make happy products.

AVA Room – everyday miracles in your home.


International delivery

Are you interested in international delivery? We have shipped AVA Products around the world. 

International shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and the destination. Please do not hesitate to ask international delivery from our customer service - we will calculate estimated cost based on your address and choden products. Contact us: info@avaroom.fi