Pillow Unilux Amicor (35x55cm)

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  • Top quality family-friendly product line; ideal for sensitive and allergic sleepers.
  • The most tested, proven product.
  • The products are made of high quality 100% cotton.
  • The padding is made up of 20% Amicor Pure ™ fiber and the remainder is Blowfill® Foam Polyester Ball Foam.
  • The cover is filled with 20% Amicor Pure ™ fiber and the rest is Blowfill® 3D polyester spiral fiber.
  • Amicor Pure ™ fiber prevents the growth of dust mites and keeps the bed fresh.
  • The intrinsic property of the Amicor Pure ™ antibacterial fiber is retained in hundreds of washes, providing the products with long-lasting protection against bacteria and dust mites.
  • Blowfill® spherical and spiral fibers keep pillows and blankets for a long time fluffy and resilient due to their special structure.
  • A 60 ° C water wash is recommended.

More information about the company and the product can be found on the Univision website: http://www.univisio.fi/product/amicor/